Tomb-Sweeping Day for Origin Machinery Team

It drizzles endlessly this week and that's the rainy season in spring. The Tomb-Sweeping Day is coming. People worship their ancestors and have an outing on Tomb-Sweeping Day to express their reverence for their ancestors and their love for nature.

Today, our office team including the factory team also enjoyed one day off.

The Tomb-Sweeping Day is a day of reverence for our Chinese. People hold ceremonies for ancestors and sweep their tombs around this day every year. According to tradition, during Tomb Sweeping, people put food in front of the tombs, and add new soil to the tomb. Decorate the tombs with some fresh branches and knock heads.


If you would like to know more about “ what else do we do on Tomb Sweeping Day", please learn more from Origin Machinery's Youtube video below.

Post time: Apr-05-2023